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The 13th Apostle is a website designed to present the Christian/Fiction Novel The 13th Apostle by Paul Murphy published by Evergreen Press.

The 13th Apostle

The 13th Apostle - A christian Novel by Paul Murphy

The 13th Apostle is  quickly becoming popular among younger and older readers. Recently published by Evergreen Press, it tells the tale of an orphaned street beggar named Gamaliel, who dreams of meeting Jesus face to face. An excellent, educational read, described as "more truth than fiction". See More...
  Christian Writer Paul Murphy

What Others Say:

"The 13th Apostle" holds lessons for readers or any age. It reads almost like a daily journal of a young man, who has heard Jesus' teachings, understands them and helps others apply Jesus' teachings to their lives.
Deborah Tompkins Johnson
Life and Religion
Your story for me breathes the joy of living and learning in whatever circumstances when faith, hope and charity prevail.
Robert W.Donnely
Auxiliary Bishop of Toledo
The 13th Apostle is a jewel that sparkles with love and grace. Gamaliel is each one of us who has ever wished he had met Jesus personally. And for those of you who have met him, you will find yourself in this wonderful story.
Lou Tartaglia, MD
Author, The Great Wing
The 13th Apostle takes readers back into the daily life of Jesusí followers, friends, and opponents during the last week of His life and beyond. An unforgettable street urchin emerges as a disciple more faithful than any of the twelve. Itís a wonderful trip for readers into the very heart of the Christian movement.
Walter Harrelson
Prof. Emeritus, Vanderbilt University
I recommend The 13th Apostle to anyone who is even slightly curious about what a face-to-face meeting with Jesus might be like. This book is powerful, warm, and endlessly engaging. Youíll find yourself cheering for Gamaliel.
Greg Lehman
Director, Young Life

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